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There are a lot of options for timber decking these days, but have you ever thought about using a composite decking? Composite decking is becoming increasingly popular, so let’s have a look at why. 

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a man-made building product that is a combination of different materials that include a mix of wood fibre - usually from waste products like sawdust, recycled plastic, and some type of binding agent. These ingredients are put together to form an extruded plank with a pattern to mimic the grains and colours of natural timber – a Wood Plastic Composite or WPC. 

Why use Composite Decking? 

Composite decking has one major advantage over natural timber decking – it needs far less maintenance. Natural timber decking requires cleaning, resealing and resurfacing throughout its lifetime, whereas the ongoing costs of maintaining a wood plastic composite deck are minor in comparison.

Other benefits of composite decking’s include:

  • They don’t splint or crack the way timber boards do, which makes them barefoot friendly
  • With the addition of a plastic capping, composite decking boards become stain and fade resistant
  • Composite decking comes with a hidden fastener system
  • Some composite decking’s have anti-slip properties
  • Long lengths – most composite decking’s come in 5.4 metre lengths or longer
  • Easy to clean and can be cleaned with soapy water

What about the Cost?

Although a composite deck might be slightly more expensive when you initially purchase the product, it becomes economically viable over its life time as it has virtually no maintenance costs – no need for resealing or resurfacing that deck every year! Sure, nothing beats the aesthetic quality of timber, but if you are looking for a low maintenance and quality alternative to traditional timber, composite decking is a better financial investment over the long term and over many years, the savings can really add up.

But which composite decking?

Warringah timbers only stock the very best brands of composite decking.
Trex®, the world’s #1 composite decking brand with a 25 year limited residential warranty and a 10 year commercial warranty made from 95 percent-recycled wood and plastics.

TimberTech® Terrain and Tropical collections with a protective polymer coating has a 25 year limited residential warranty and a 30 year limited fade and stain warranty.
Made from recycled materials Eva-Last® composite decking is comprised of 40% recycled plastic & 60% bamboo fibres. Eva-Last® comes with a 25 year limited residential warranty.
Australian made and owned, Modwood is made from approximately 90% recycled or reclaimed materials. Modwood comes with a 10 year limited residential warranty
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about wood composite decking, please contact us.