ACQ Timber treatment using Alkaline Copper Quaternary
Air-dried Timber dried naturally by air
Air-dry Having a moisture content in equilibrium with the local atmosphere
Architrave Timber mouldings surrounding windows and doors
Arris The sharp edge or ridge formed by two surfaces meeting at an angle
AS Australian Standard
BAL Bushfire Attack Level
BAL-FZ Bushfire Attack Level - Flame Zone
Baluster One of the verticle pieces of a stair or porch railing
Balustrade Railing fixed from stair treads, landing, balcony or bridge
Band saw An endless ribbon saw rotating around two wheels
Bargeboard A wide piece of timber used on gable ends
Basal area The cross section area of a tree at breast height (1.3m) expressed in m2
Beam Large timber or steel member to carry loads
Bearer A sub-floor structural member which supports the floor joists
Blanks Laminated panels suitable for further sizing and finishing into a more specific end use
Blue stain Dark-coloured microscopic fungi cause a bluish or greyish discoloration in the sapwood of the tree.
Bottom plate Timber plate at the bottom of a wall frame
Bow The lengthwise curvature of the board face of a piece of timber
Brace A member which resists forces and/or movements of a framed structure
CCA Timber treatment using Chromated Copper Arsenate
Ceiling joist The structural member spanning the room to support the ceiling lining
Check A split in timber as a result of shrinking during drying
Clear timber Timber free of any imperfections or defects
Column A free standing verticle member
Construction joint A joint provided in a structure to allow for movement with expansion and contraction
Cornice Moulding's fixed to the junctions of walls and ceilings
Crook The lengthwise curvature of the edge of a piece of timber - also known as a spring
Crosscut Cutting across the grain
Cube A cubic metre of timber - m3
Cubic metre A measure of volume calculating the Length x Width x Depth
Cup Where the timber bends in a concave curvature across the board
DAR Timber that has been "dressed all round" on all surfaces
Decay Decomposition of wood by fungi
Defect A charastic of timber that makes it unsuitable for its intended purpose
Delamination The separation of the layers of laminated wood or plywood at the glue line - Delam
Density A measure of structural and mechanical properties of timber 
Door furniture All fittings on a door except for the hinges
Door jamb The verticle sides of a door opening
Dowel A round timber rod
DPC Damp Proof Course
Dressed timber Timber finished to a smooth surface on one or more surfaces
Durability The length of time timber will last in or above ground
E/M End Matched boards that have Tongue & Groove on the ends as well
EMC Equilibrium Moisture Content of a hygroscopic material surrounded at least partially by air is the moisture content at which the material is neither gaining nor losing moisture
End split A split at the end of a piece of timber or log
F Grades A stress grade of timber using the design properties of AS1720.1. Visually graded
Façade The front (face) of a house
Fascia Timber or metal board to which the gutter is fitted
Fiddle back Decorative wood figure caused by a wavy grain pattern
Finial Decorative finish at the top of the gable
FJ Finger Jointed - timber jointed end to end 
Flitch A section of timber which has been sawn from a log
Floor joist A beam to which the flooring is fixed
Framing timber Timber used to form the basic structure of a building
Free of heart Timber sawn to exclude the heart or pith of the log
Gable end The verticle end, generally triangular of a roof above the eaves line
Gauged Timber with a smooth, even surface that has been dressed to a precise size
GOS Green Off Sawn
GPO General purpose outlet, or electrical power point
Green timber Freshly sawn or undried timber
Grout The joint filling used in wall and floor tiling
H levels Hazard level - followed by a number 1-6 for timber treatment level
Hardwood Wood from broadleaved trees
Header A wall framing member used over a door or window opening
Heartwood The dense inner part of a tree trunk, yielding the hardest timber. Also called True wood
Insulation A material used to improve the thermal or acoustic efficiency of a building
Joist Timber or steel beam directly supporting a floor or ceiling
K.D Kiln Dried - timber seasoned in a kiln to a specified moisture content
Kerf A saw cut width
Kwila Also know as Merbau, a hardwood from the South Pacific Rim
Laminated timber A built up timber member
Linear metres A measure of length of timber
Lintel A beam spanning over an opening and supporting loads above
LOSP Timber treatment using Light Organic Solvent Preservatives
LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber - a high-strength engineered wood product used primarily for structural applications. 
MCA Timber treatment using Micronized Copper Azole
MGP Machine Graded Pine - timber graded by mechanical means
Moisture content A measure of the available water in a piece of timber shown as a percentage (MC)
Moulding Decorative strips of wood
Mullion The verticle member between two adjoining windows
Newel The bottom or top post of a stair balustrade
Nogging A horizontal timber strut fixed between studs or joists to provide stiffening
Nominal size The sawn size of a piece of timber before the timber is machined
Non-Structural Not load-bearing
Nosing The rounding of the leading edge of a sill or stair tread
Pier A column or post supporting a superstructure
Pith The centre of a tree
Quarter sawn Where the log is turned to produce boards at a right angle to the grain
R/H Rougher Headed - timber that is dressed with a fine rippled finish
R1F Reeded one face - as in decking
Radiata Pine Pinus Radiata, a coniferous tree native of California
Rafter A sloping member in a roof providing structural support for the roofing material
Random length Timber containing a variety of lengths
Resin pocket A cavity which has contained or continues to contain resin or gum. Also called gum pocket
Ridge The highest edge of a roof
Riser The verticle surface of a stair between two treads
Rough sawn Surface condition of wood as it leaves the saw
Sarking The silver like membrane laid on over roof timber and immediately under the roofing
Sash Framework that holds the panes of glass in a window
Sawn Timber that has not been gauged or dressed
Seasoned timber Timber dried to a stable moisture content prior to use
Shorts Short pieces of timber
Shrinkage The dimensional difference between green timber and timber dried to a moisture content of 12%
Sill The lower horizontal portion of a window or door
Skillion A roof sloping in one direction only, with rafters pitching from, or leaning against the wall
Skirting Horizontal timber around the bottom of internal walls where it joins the floor
Slab Timber that has been dimensioned in thickness but not width
Soffit The underside of eaves
Softwood A wood, regardless of weight and hardness which comes from a coniferous tree
Span The horizontal distance between two supports
Stress grade A means of grading a piece of timber 
Stringer The two pieces of timber between which the stairs are set
Structural timber Timber selected for applications where strength is essential
Stud An upright supporting member of a wall frame
T&G Tongue and Grooved flooring where boards are joined along the length. One side is grooved, the other side has a tongue.
TAN E Timber treatment using Copper Azole also known as Tanalith
Timber The wood from trees cut and prepared for use as building material
Top plate Timber member at the top of a wall frame
Transom A horizontal member dividing window or door frame units at the top of the frame
Tread The horizontal part of a stair upon which you step
Unseasoned timber Timber which is freshly cut and still has a high moisture content, also known as green timber
Veneer A thin layer of sheet or wood
Wane The absence of square wood on the edge of a board indicated by the under bark surface
Want The absence of wood other than wane from the arris or surface of a piece of timber
WRC Western Red Cedar, a coniferous tree native of North America