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Little things can make a big difference! So, it’s really important that you spend a bit of time to select the right components to suit the balance of your renovations.

Choosing the right Skirting Board is one of the most important parts of your renovation’s final process. It provides lots of benefits and is essential if you have wooden floors, where it will hide the gaps and imperfections around the bottom ends of the wall and help prevent damage as your timber floors expand and contract.

Another important point is that skirting boards can protect the base of the walls against kicks, vacuum cleaners, toys, removals etc.

When replacing existing skirting boards, we can:

Match the existing one:

Take a piece of your existing skirting board and bring to Warringah Timbers. We will analyse and take a few measurements, trying to match exactly your design.

Replicate your design:

In case we are not able to match your existing design, we can design and make new cutters to match exactly your existing profile.

Choose a close design or a new one:

We have nearly 2000 designs to choose from!